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Support for Defence family

Bomaderry High school is aware of the unique educational, social and wellbeing needs of students whose parents work within the Australian Defence Force.

Due to this understanding, the school has consistently secured funding through the Department of Defence for the continuation of the Defence School Mentor Program (DSMP) to be delivered within the school.

The role of the Defence School Mentor at Bomaderry High School is to provide support to students of Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families. Particularly, during their transition into and out of a new school on posting. This extends to supporting students and their families during times of parental absences due to deployment, exercises or training.

This program was implemented by the Department of Defence, through the Defence Member and Family Support Branch (DMFS), as a commitment to supporting it member and their families. They recognise that the education of Defence dependants may be negatively impacted by their mobile lifestyle and so have sought to provide this innovative resource to facilitate and more supportive educational environment.

If you have any questions, or you yourself may be anticipating a move due to posting, please feel free to contact Bomaderry High School’s Defence School Mentor, Tracey Clothier:


Phone: 02 4421 0699 

A Defence School Mentor provides assistance to students and their families. This may include:

  • coordinating appropriate welcoming and farewelling strategies for young people of ADF families
  • facilitate a smooth transition between different education systems when students leave and enrol to Bomaderry High School
  • assist students, teachers and families in resolving and liaising matters
  • support and facilitate the referral of Defence families and students to school, community and Defence support groups
  • assist in the monitoring of the social, emotional and academic wellbeing of Defence students
  • enhance the awareness and appreciation of the unique lifestyle that Defence offers in schools and the greater community
  • assist Defence students to develop their self-confidence, regulation through the involvement in required programs
  • linking students and parents to school and community programs
  • be a contact within the school for parents within ADF families.

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