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Parents and citizens (P&C)

Welcome to the Bomaderry High School (BHS) parents and citizens (P&C) section, we are so glad you have made your way here!

So what is BHS P&C?

We are a friendly, fun and productive group that works in partnership with school to make sure our students are supported and inspired as much as we possibly can.

What does that mean? What do we do?

We play an active role in the school community: running a healthy canteen, with all profits going straight back into school; providing parent/carer voices to decision making; and funding a wide variety of ‘extras’ that otherwise wouldn’t be able to run.

Why bother?

Meetings, believe it or not, are actually fun! Also we learn a lot about what is happening at school and we get to make a real difference to the school too. The best kept secret, although you may have been told otherwise, high school students really do like it when parents/carers show an interest in their school.


·       Meetings: 7.00pm on every second Thursday of the month during term time. Meeting are held at the Bomaderry Bowling Club.

·       Visitors and new members are always welcome! Please drop in and stay for as long as suits. We understand how busy parents/carers are. We promise you won’t be made to do anything you are uncomfortable with.

·       e-Network: If coming to meetings isn’t possible, or isn’t your thing but you would still like to hear about what we are doing, please click on the Sign-up to the e-Network here (add link)

What else?

There are other ways of helping out too;

·       Canteen volunteers are desperately needed. You don’t need experience, there’s a whole range of different tasks on offer (washing up, stacking fridges or cupboards, washing tea towels, food prep – as little or as much as you like).

·       Canteen lunches; the simplest way to fund raise – make sure your kids buy food from the canteen – remember all profits go straight back into BHS.

·       Return and Earns; One of the main ways we are raising funds. Details at the end of the P&C section of the newsletter or contact us via details below.

·       Events; we often need an extra pair of hands to help with events eg Naplan breakfast, Yr 7 welcome breakfast.

·       Working Bees; come along to help spruce up our kids learning environments.

·       Fundraising; we are always keen to get more money for our school and are very keen for help.

·       Suggestions: We are always keen to hear your comments, suggestions and ideas. Please forward Comments/suggestions to or phone Sue Cuninghame our President 0417296601

Meet your P&C

President: Sue Cuninghame

Vice-president: Katrina Thomas

Vice-president: Gina Wilson-Burns

Secretary: Suzette Venn

Treasurer: David Young

Executive Member: Tracey Ison

Canteen coordinator: Tracey Ison

Canteen Committee: Sue Cuninghame, Tracey Ison, Ian Morris, Suzette Venn, David Young

For more info, have a look at the P&C Federation’s website;

Meeting dates for the year ahead:

  • 11 April
  • 9 May
  • 13 June
  • 8 August
  • 12 September
  • 7 November
  • 12 December